Petition and Impacts of Prorogation

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Hi to all! 

As you know, the Harper government has decided to implement an extension.  The work of Parliament will therefore resume at the beginning of next March, instead of the originally planned 25 January. 

Many of you have expressed your concerns and have been asking me questions about the impact of this extension on my petition.  Following my verifications with the relevant political bodies, I can now reassure you!  After an extension, the members’ cases are maintained at the stage they were before the extension.  This is great news!  There is therefore no danger to the petition and Bill C-339. 

Bills that die on the order paper are government projects that have not receive royal assent at the time the extension was put into effect. 

The petition continues to go well and signatures are come in regularly!  I therefore invite you to continue to collect signatures and sharing this recent information! 

Thank you and enjoy! Marie-Hélène 

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