As in the playoffs: the last extension… until March 1, 2010 !

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Hi to all!

I am sorry for the delay of the last few weeks, I was not in great form.  However, I am back with great news!

Since the petition is moving along so well… 55 000 signatures at the last count, I have decided to continue to collect more for a few months.   The purpose of this extension is simple.  Since I have begun to extend the petition across the rest of Canada, considering that this legislation is federal in nature I remind you, I need additional time to carry out this action.  It is necessary to give the time to share the petition as well as the information correctly, and then to receive a significant number of signatures.

The purpose of this extension is clear.  I am doing this to demonstrate to the Government the real willingness of its citizens to obtain better financial conditions in the event of cancer or serious illnesses.  I say it again, 15 weeks of benefits of 55% of our salary is clearly insufficient to care for ourselves properly.  For those who are unaware, I would like to point out that 60% of the population is likely to be affected by this phenomenon, as it is the percentage of people who do not have access to group insurance.  This is huge and this situation needs to change for the good of all.

So, even though I will probably deposit some of the signatures in the House of Commons before the holidays, as expected, there will be a last deposit in the spring.  I will therefore collect signatures until March 1st, 2010.  For all those who wondered if there is still time to get involved, well, yes!  However, don’t forget to keep sending me pages as you get them.   This is what allows me to keep a fairly accurate count of the number of signatures obtained!

Thank you again for joining forces with me!!

Together we will have the power to make things happen!


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