Partnership with the four federal parties! New deposit of 30 000 signatures!

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Hello to all!

Here is an important update during this election period.

I inform you that I was in Ottawa last Friday to file 30 000 new signatures of my petition in the House of Commons. This last deposit was made by Mr. Denis Coderre, a Liberal MP for Bourassa, supported by Mr. Michael Ignatieff and members of his caucus. 

More than 70 000 other signatures are also in the hands of the clerk for verification. Once this step is taken, they will then be submitted to members of the House of Commons for the post-election parliamentary revival. 

I sincerely believe that it is important to raise the EI debate beyond partisanship and political allegiance. That is why I have invited all parties to be involved in this social as well as economic debate.  This is how all of them supported me in the different stages of my steps. All the deposits made were therefore with the help of each of the parties. I thank particularly Yves Lessard and Pierre Paquette of the bloc Québécois, Mr. Yvon Godin and Fin donnely of the NDP, Claude Carignan, conservative senator and, now, Mr. Denis Coderre of the PLC. To all of you, thank you for your presence at my side in the House of Commons and for your cooperation. 

All of you have demonstrated sensitivity and openness to the cause of serious illnesses and understand the extreme burden of financial problems caused by the meagre 15-week period of EI sickness benefits, not indexed since Over 40 years now 

A society that supports its ill citizens in a crucial period of their lives is a healthy society that promotes their recovery and social reintegration by avoiding the traps of personal and social poverty. A few weeks of benefits can make all the difference between impoverishment, social exclusion or successful reintegration into the labour market and the return to social productivity. 

A just society gives its sick citizens decent recovery conditions that will promote the overall economy and reduce poverty that is unfortunately still too often related to the disease. 

So we don’t let go and we keep picking up signatures!

Thank you and see you soon,



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