Beating cancer

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Hi all!

If you are a reader of the big weekend dailies, perhaps you will have noticed a special section inserted in your paper! This insert is an initiative of the Cancer priority Coalition in Quebec.

In it, you will find a wealth of information. This include access to care and medication, the cancer crisis in Quebec, links between the environment and cancer, possible prevention, clinical research related to the future, as well as the accompaniement and support needed In the face of people suffering from this disease.

You will also find information about the two major partners that are the “Cancer priority Coalition” and the “Canadian Cancer Society”.

Do you know that this year only, 20 000 people will die of effects and cancer and more than 44 000 cases are diagnosed?? (Canadian Cancer Statistics 2009, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society and Statistics Canada, April 2009)

In addition, on the last page you will find an advertisement for my petition. For those of who may have missed this beautiful insert, here is the link: Beating cancer I also invite you to circulate it among your contacts! Good reading and be back soon!


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