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Good day to all!

I hope you spent a nice summer, had a great vacation and that you are in shape for the new school year! For those of you  who have followed the news, I gave several interviews recently at Radio-Canada to talk about the petition. The topic feeds several debates and there is a lot of support.

I am currently working to raise awareness and boost new politicians, associations, organizations and more. We need to coordinate the actions, thit is why I ask once more your participation once again. I know, many of you have already done a lot, but perseverance is the only path that can lead us to the change in this increasingly archaic law every day.

You’ve already signed? Doesn’t matter, you can circulate the petition among your network again and remind people that it’s not over. You can also share my articles on your social networks. You can join my FB here group to-> and add your friends. You will find regular updates of my steps, as well as most of my interviews. I also invite you to write to your respective MPs, as well as our Prime Minister to denounce this situation.

Last week, Mr. Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of the family, children and social development, told the journalist Patrice Roy that he would look into the situation and that changes would be made. It’s a statement that I’ll follow closely and I invite you to do the same.

Here is the original story of Vincent Maisonneuve: https://bit.LY/2cmhumO

And here is the answer of Minister Duclos: https://bit.LY/2cmnXy8

Thank you all for being here and accompany me in this long fight!



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