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Hi all ! 

After several days of work, numerous attempts with trial and error, and with the help of some charming volunteers, the blog is now much more functional than it was in its infancy!  I take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me in this virtual adventure, your generosity inspires me! 

You can now download the petition directly online to have the Employment Insurance Act amended in a completely autonomous way and circulate it among your contacts.   I invite you to do the same thing with the blog.  Of course, this is an important cause and near to my heart, but there is another aspect on which I have become aware since the beginning of this adventure and which should not be neglected.  I realized that a lot of people were not aware of the provisions of this legislation that only allowed 15 weeks of benefits in the case of cancer or any other serious illness.  The blog is therefore intended to disseminate the petition, but also to inform as many people as possible of this state of fact to raise awareness of what might await them in case of illness.  So your contribution is just as important at this level and thank you for circulating the information.  Together, we will be able to unite and ensure that our elected officials are pressured to amend this law which dates from 1971…. 

To all those who will have the petition signed and circulated, I thank you!  I would also like to remind you of the following!  Please make sure to notify your signatories or collaborators, as stipulated in the instructions, that it is necessary that the postal code of the people be entered on the form.  I regularly receive copies where they are missing.  When a few are missing, this is easily added.  However, when it comes to full pages, it becomes a work of Titans….  Thank you for your cooperation!  Be patient, I will definitely make occasional reminders about it! 

I also invite you to leave me your testimonials by heading in to that section via the tabs at the top of the page.  Indeed, following my last visit to LCN/Denis Lévesque, I received about 1000 emails……. all to ask me a copy of my petition and to tell me your stories.  Sincerely, I am very touched by the magnitude of the movement that I have managed to create.  Your stories are moving, and your comments are very motivating and inspiring.   I created this blog to be able to respond to the request more efficiently.  However, it will always be my pleasure to read you and I hope that you will continue to take the time to write to me, so that we keep in touch.  Even though I will not be able to answer all your comments, I should know that I shall read them all and that I will be wholeheartedly with you! 

Be back soon,


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