Relay for life of Friday, 12th June, in Lachute

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Hello all, 

Thanks to the invitation of the Canadian Cancer Society, I had the opportunity to participate in four Relays for life.  I participated as a survivor of course, but I also held a kiosk to have people sign my petition 

I visited 4 magnificent sites: Chambly, Trois-Rivières, Lachute and Laval.  Thank you for the great welcome I received every time.  During these events, many of you came to meet me, to applaud me, to sign and to surround me with your beautiful energy and your many encouragements.  I must tell you that it has made me feel warm and allows me to find the energy to continue.  I confess, I was very tired at times.  These evenings were very moving for me, and so rewarding….  All this would not have been possible without you, I thank you. 

A preliminary count of the number of signatures obtained at these evenings allows me to say that I have amassed more than 2000 signatures.  It’s all wonderful.  What also makes me happy is that you not only  signed, but many of you were made aware of the petition circulating and the fact that EI will pay them only 15 weeks of benefits in the event of a serious and prolonged illness…. 

Once again, I encourage you to talk about the petition, to circulate it but also to inform people of what is waiting for them if they get sick.  Remember that it is 60% of the population that is affected by this.  It’s huge, it has to change. 

In closing, I leave you on a beautiful promotional video that was shot in Trois-Rivières for the Canadian Cancer Society.   You will see me very moved…. in a moment of meditation… but also very happy…  You will find in these pictures all the atmosphere that reigns during these beautiful evenings. 

Who knows, perhaps you will develop the idea of creating a team next year?  I encourage you strongly…. 

I’ll be back soon with a new partner… as you know, I get a lot of mail… and this has not gone unnoticed at the post Office….. 

Have a great week-end all 


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