Support from the Cancer priority Coalition of Quebec

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Good day ! 

As many of you already know, I was invited by the cancer priority Coalition to participate in the 2009 cancer General state that took place on May 14 and 15 in Montreal. 

During these two beautiful days, I had the opportunity to hold a kiosk allowing me to collect many signatures on my petition.  The majority of the participants present were very sensitive to the purpose of the petition, to increase the number of weeks of Employment Insurance sickness benefits, and were eager to sign it. 

The Coalition asked the Leger and Leger firm to conduct a survey of people afflicted with cancer.  At the end you will find the link leading you to the survey results.  I particularly invite you to consult the section entitled “Costs remain an obstacle”.  You can see that 60% of people affected have received no financial support.  Through your testimony, I see this sad reality.  Many of you have lost your home, your savings, your RRSPs…. never mind your dignity or your health! 

Aware of the tragic consequences of the lack of financial resources of sick people, the Coalition members sent to our Prime Minister, the Honourable Stephen Harper, a letter to mention that they supported me in the steps surrounding my petition and requests for changes in EI sickness benefits.  This letter was also transmitted to Mr. Michael Ignatief, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe.  The active and associate members of the Coalition also received their own copy of the letter of support.  As many of these members are Canadian, I expect many of them to support my approach.  I will keep you informed of developments, be assured.  You will also find a copy of this letter at the bottom of the article. 

To learn more about the Cancer priority Coalition in Quebec, I invite you to visit their site at the following address:  You will find much information on the mandate of the Coalition and you will also be able to register as a sympathising member 

As you can see, the movement is growing from day to day, it’s beautiful! 

Thank you for your support!  You play an important role in the signing of the petition, but also in educating the public about what 60% of the population can expect in case of serious illness, that is, a meagre 15 weeks of employment insurance.  It is imperative to make this situation known to as many people as possible.   I encourage you to continue the signing of the petition and circulate the address of the blog among all your contacts.  It is with great joy that I receive your daily mailings and I am sincerely grateful to you.  Together, we will be able to make this petition a success and to encourage our government to change these 15 weeks of benefits, which have become clearly insufficient in 2009. 

Be back soon !


 Sondage Léger et Léger : Sondage Léger et Léger Lettre de la Coalition au Premier Ministre : Lettre Premier Ministre du Canada-C-339 

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