Tabling of the first parliamentary re-opening Bill 20011-2012 !

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Hello all,

As you can see, having a law change is a long and tedious job! I am very pleased to know that the efforts are continuing and it is with joy that I welcome the first bill 2011 to amend the number of weeks of benefits in case of sickness

Here is an excerpt from the press release issued by CNW Telbec

The Honourable Denis Coderre, Member of Parliament for Bourassa, today tabled in the House of Commons a private bill to amend the Employment Insurance Act to move the maximum number of weeks of coverage that may be paid in case of illness, injury or quarantine from fifteen to fifty Special benefits in the. This private bill also eliminates the two-week waiting period when these same special benefits are paid

The law in this regard has not been changed since it was introduced in 1971! It is inconceivable that a person who suffers from cancer is entitled to only 15 weeks of payable benefits, said Mr. Coderre. “Also, I call on the Conservative government to eliminate the two-week waiting period for those eligible for these special benefits, who have the misfortune to fall seriously ill, suffer an injury or being quarantined.”

According to Mr. Coderre, all across Canada everyone is surrounded from close or far by people afflicted by a disease such as cancer or a serious injury that prevents them from working. “It is high time to adapt to today’s realities the part of the Employment Insurance Act that deals with special benefits.” This private bill calls on the federal government to grant beneficiaries of sickness benefits parity with maternity leave and supports the efforts of Marie-Hélène and all those who request this change to the law on Employment Insurance, “concluded Monsieur Coderre. »

I thank Mr. Coderre for his diligent involvement in this matter and I look forward to the tabling of future bills that will follow this year.

I remind you that it is important to collect additional signatures over and over again! It is these signatures that allow me to go to Parliament to make deposits, to put social pressure on the government and also to publicize my actions!

Thank you!


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