75000 more signatures presented to end parliamentary session in beauty !

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Hello everyone!
It is a great pleasure for me to report that M.P. Denis Coderre presented
the House of Commons with 75 000 new signatures this morning. With these,
our petitions totals close to half a million supporters.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who put in their time and effort
to support this cause that is not only mine but every Canadian’s. It is true
that the number of signatures is already very important, but it is important
to keep on going and gather more still. It is through these significant
petition presentations that we can hope to reach and convince our elected
government of the importance and pertinence of these changes that we demand.

The petition is still in effect and will keep on going as long as will be
necessary. A lot of signature gathering opportunity will present themselves
this summer at festivities and events throughout the country. Please, take
advantage of these occasions to circulate the petition and let people know
what we are trying to do. Use social medias Facebook and Twitter as they are
formidable communication and diffusion tools. Links are available on my
site. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, it will be my
pleasure to help.


I thank you all kindly for your support and collaboration and apologize for
the lateness of this update. Not to worry, there will be more soon! I had to
take a bit of time off to heal a knee injury, but things are better now.

Talk to you soon,


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