A hole in the memory of Minister Duclos

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Hello all,

On September 6, 2016, confronted by journalist Patrice Roy of Radio-Canada, Minister Jean-Yves Duclos ended up making a commitment to tackle the ridiculous 15 weeks of benefits for sick people. For those who had not seen the story or wish to refresh their memory, here it is: https://bit.ly/2cmnXy8.

It is clear that despite this public commitment, Minister Duclos has again failed to the promise of his government, announcing last week new measures improving various benefits of the UIC benefits, but once again ignoring Sick people.

Thus, the despicable conditions in which sick people must evolve remain unchanged since 1971.  The appeal of more than 500 000 Canadians has again been ignored.  How can a government continue to be deaf-to the basic needs of its citizens?

Don’t misunderstand me please, I am fully in agreement with the new measures announced. However, I am in deep disagreement with the absurdity of the current situation and the Government’s persistent inaction on this issue. So, as early as December, you might see your caregivers get equal or longer leave than you would get if you must fight a serious illness. Let’s remember that the United Nations called Canada a dunce for its social programs not so long ago…

Let us continue together to put pressure on our elected officials and to denounce this situation by amassing more signatures.   I will be back soon with additional strategies that will allow me to address the problem from a different perspective.  Although perseverance is a virtue, there comes a time when patience has lasted long enough!



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