The conservatives are not addressing the real unemployment insurance problems

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Hello all,

It was with immense disappointment that I learned that the Conservative Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development announced an employment insurance reform that totally ignores sick workers.


 It is deplorable that Ms. Finley did not take advantage of this opportunity to encourage the return to work of people with serious illnesses in this context of scarcity of workers by providing them with an opportunity to recover under proper conditions ” Compatible with family obligations “.


There are real problems with the EI program.  More than 500 000 Canadians reported, by depositing the largest petition in the House of Commons, that they wanted to see a change in health benefits, and the Conservatives are letting down all those people who are only asking to re-enter the Work as long as they are given the chance to be able to recover in decent and human conditions taking into account the reality of today.  “Ms. Finley loses an opportunity to correct this injustice in a specific context of a shortage of apprehended Labour,” Ms. Dubé said.


Ms. Finley argues that the situation will negatively affect only 1% of workers who will be forced to accept decent work.  People receiving more than inadequate sickness benefits account for more than 7.4% of claimants.  When will we see adequate benefits for these? 


I would remind you that the petition is still in force and that it is essential to continue to collect signatures.  The tabling of many signatures in the House of Commons remains the most effective and meaningful way to make the government aware of the urgency of the situation.


Let us continue to mobilize to amend this provision of the law unchanged since 1971 so that it is better adapted to the reality of today.


Thank you all!





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