Aiming for 500,000 signatures !

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Hello everyone !
Fall is already upon us after a magnificent summer. The fall can also be a letdown, though, since it also means vacation time is over. On the other hand, September also brings the resumption of Parliament, to my delight!
I still marvel at Canadians’ unrelenting interest in my petition. The signatures have continued to come in steadily since I last presented the petition and throughout the summer; it’s terrific. I can now announce that we have already passed the 400,000 signature mark, and it’s not over yet. That’s why I’m setting a new goal: why not 500,000? I’m sure that we can get there together. Have a look at the new photo that ran with this article. It was taken on my arrival at the Senate on June 29. Those boxes contained more than 237,000 new signatures collected with your help.
At the moment, I am giving our elected representatives time to adjust to the resumption of Parliament. In the weeks to come, the discussions and steps relating to my petition will continue. I will certainly have lots to announce, and I will keep you posted as matters develop. Be on the look-out!
I should remind you that we must keep on collecting signatures and raising awareness among people who don’t know about this important cause. I will collect as many signatures as possible, for as long as possible, until the situation is officially debated in Ottawa.
Thank you all again for your hard work and perseverance!

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