Teamsters Canada lends its support !

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I am proud to say that Teamsters Canada has announced its support of my efforts to bring changes to the Employment Insurance Act.
The Teamsters union has 125,000 members in Canada in all trades. That is a lot of people, which means that we can expect a lot of new signatures from all provinces! 
The Chair of the Teamsters Quebec Women’s Caucus, Brigitte Sottile, stated, “Our union is committed to supporting this very important cause since more and more Canadians are being affected by serious illnesses including cancer.” She added: “We must join forces to send a clear message to Ottawa and I urge Canadian Teamsters to do everything in their power to make their voices heard.”
A big thank you to Teamsters Canada and all its members for their support!
Thanks also to each and every one of you for your commitment. We must not give up. It may be a long process but we are making good progress right now!

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