Already 65 000 signatures and start of phase 2 !

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Hello to all!

It is with pleasure that I announce that I already have more than 65 000 signatures of amassed thanks to all of you! The harvest of these signatures thus ends Phase 1 of the petition. A first deposit in the House of Commons will take place in the coming weeks!

To all of you who still have signatures in their possession, or who wish to continue or start to get involved, do not worry! I am now launching Phase 2 of the petition. After discussion with the relevant political bodies, we decided to collect signatures as long as the petition remains on the House of Commons order paper. It must be demonstrated to the Government that there is a real willingness on the part of the population to make a difference and that this debate is far from being forgotten.

I take advantage of the announcement of the last provincial budget, particularly in regards to the health component, to remind you of the importance of making this petition a success! In addition to having to pay a deductible of approximately $200……. plus $25 at each visit and an additionnal $25 more for each doctor met during the same visit…. plus the kilometers you will have to travel at a higher cost to get treatment…. Do you have any idea what the bill represent for a person with a serious illness that requires regular care?

Lets do the match: Since it is known that 60% of the population does not have goup health insurance at work, that almost one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in Quebec (Source: Canadian Cancer Society) and I nevermind all other Diseases and accidents that may happen to you, I ask you today the following question: What are you going to do with your meager 15 weeks of sickness benefits that EI will pay you up to a maximum of a taxable $400/week???

Get involved and share the information! I still greatly need your cooperation. Keep in mind that your testimonials and reactions on the site remain very important!

Thank you all!!

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