Unforeseen prorogation = unforeseen extension!!!

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Hello to all!

I think we’ll end up being called the “Dominique Michel” of the petition! Although I did not foresee this additional extension, this is necessary in view of the closure of Parliament and the place which will be taken by the tabling of the federal budget at the time of the reopening of the parliamentary session.

This uncertain political context makes me more cautious now as to the official establishment of a “real” end date… On the other hand, it is clear that the petition has now entered its final phase. So for now, I extend until April 1. And no, it’s not an April Fool’s, but it makes the date easier to remember!! If other changes were to occur, I will share them immediately on the site, be without fear.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have now reached 60 000 signatures collected! It’s just amazing! New envelopes come in every day, and I am starting to receive them from several other provinces, which is very encouraging! I thank all those who participated in this fight, it is thanks to you that I have been able to get so far to this day!

It’s not too late for the final sprint. There is still time to collect new signatures and share the site to your friends and acquaintances in order to raise awareness of this most important cause! Let us remember that 15 weeks of benefits to recover from cancer or other serious illness is clearly insufficient…. Let us continue to mobilize and it is by uniting our efforts that we will manage to amend this law old 1971… !

Pleasure and good signatures! Marie-Hélène

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