Federal 2015, finally the good ones?

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Good day to all !

During this long electoral campaign, the time has now come to restart the debate on sickness benefits!

Following the Priority Cancer Coalition press release, I will start this week publically reviving the debate on the incoherence of Employment insurance sickness benefits.  Let’s hope that this injustice becomes an unavoidable stake in this electoral campaign, and that the law finally gets modified.


I remind you that this law dating from 1971 has never been amended and that everyone who has to stop working because of illness is faced again and again with the insufficient 15 weeks of benefits.  This situation remains unacceptable in Canada, in 2015…

In order to accentuate the pressure even more, it is more important than ever to accumulate signatures.  The forms are available on the website home page, along with the instructions.

I thank you again of your precious implication


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