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Good day to all!

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that the petition moves forward still.  With spring comes it’s lot of news and uncorrected injustices .  As we speak, many media, organisms and leaders are watching the situation closely.

Let us review the facts.  I initiated this petition in 2009 after being confronted three times to this outdated and unfair law.  Therefore, my petition celebrates its 6th anniversary this month!  A big girl approaching the age of reason.  Unfortunately, let us remember that this situation is anything but reasonable.

Remember that this archaic law will pay you only 15 weeks of employment insurance benefits in case of cancer or serious illness.  Remember that this law has never been amended since its introduction in 1971…  It should be noted that, to date, I have amassed more than 600,000 signatures on paper, more than 500,000 were officially filed with government authorities.  It should also be noted that several draft laws have also been initiated following my steps by different political parties.  Remember that unfortunately none of these has received royal assent.

This list could be much longer.  I’ll get back to that very shortly.

The most beautiful reminder that we have at the moment is the fact we are in an election year.  Let us seize this critical moment and be strategic by bringing this debate back over and over.  It remains more relevant than ever.  This is an extraordinary opportunity that you and I must seize.

How long must we be witnesses to such unacceptable situations? Things must change.  The amendments necessary must be made.

Thank you to all to keep accumulating signatures.  This remains THE strategy that allows me to put pressure on our elected..



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