Happy holidays and can’t wait for 2015 !

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Good day to all!

With the holidays approaching, I want to wish you magnificent moments of joy!  Enjoy these precious moments with your families and stock up on happy memories.

For me, the petition continues. And yes, it is a very long process, but it is never simple to have a federal legislation modified.

Many people tell me it’s unbelievable that an obsolete law has still not been modified after over 600000 signatures.  I agree!  However, 2015 will be a privileged moment to put even more pressure on our elected, because we are getting close to the elections very quickly. This is why it is essential to collect more and more signatures. This will allow mw to establish a effective political strategy at the appropriate moment.  The social situation of people with serious illness that have to rely on unemployment sickness benefits keeps getting worst. We are approaching the moment when these injustices will be corrected and when will be able to heel in dignity.

I thank you for your implication and for your support.  To you all, Happy holidays, Happiness and especially Health!


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