More than 200 000 signatures and 2 bills !

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Hello to all! 

I am happy to announce that I was in the House of Commons today to participate in a press conference given by the NDP.  

This press conference was initiated by Mr. Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament for New Westminster-Coquitlan and Port Moody, in the Vancouver area.   He announced the tabling of a bill asking for an amendment to the number of weeks of sickness benefits paid by EI.  Bill C-526 requires that the current number of weeks of benefits (15) be increased to 52 weeks to allow people with serious illnesses to treat themselves properly and with less financial consequences. 

Note also that the Bloc Québécois tabled bill C-525 on June 3, requesting that sickness benefits be increased from 15 to 50 weeks. 

 This is a major breakthrough in this issue in which I have been involved for so long.  It is also a pleasure to see that the petition now extends Canada wide.  I already had the support of the other provinces, but it is clear that the tabling of these projects will strengthen the appeal I have already made to all Canadians. 

To all, citizens and politicians, who are behind me and support me, I send you a huge thank you! 

Let us continue to work together to make this petition a success! 



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