More than 40 000 signatures and appeal to all !

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Hi all!

A little word of encouragement on this beautiful start to the week! I am pleased to announce that thanks to our collective efforts, I have now exceeded 40 000 signatures! It’s beautiful and very encouraging. Moreover, as we seem to be heading for new elections, it is most likely that I can extension the deadline to collecting signatures. I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

Let’s remember that everything is possible!!! We must continue to challenge our elected officials and future elected representatives. This law must change for the well-being of the entire Canadian population and it is time, more than ever, to be strong and united in front of leaders and those who will campaign with great speeches and election promises. Feel free to write to your local congressman and newspapers to make them aware of the situation.

Since I am talking about the Canadian population, I will use the opportunity to appeal to anyone who has acquaintences, friends or working relationships in other provinces. Since the Employment Insurance Act is federal, it is also important to educate residents of other provinces and to obtain many signatures from them. The disease knows no frontier, no language, no political allegiance, no barrier whatsoever. Together, we’ll be even stronger, and we’ll have more weight at this level. As you will have noticed, on this new site there is a section for anglophones. The petition documents, as well as my history, are translated. In the right-hand column, there are also two Anglophone interviews that explain my steps and the importance of this petition. If possible, keep me informed of your steps, this is always encouraging!

Enjoy and have a good day! Marie-Hélène

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