On the way to fame! Already over 125 000 signatures!

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Hello to all!!

First I would like to say a huge thank you for your involvement following my participation on the show “Tout le monde en parle”! Already in the days following the broadcast of the show, signatures began to arrive by the cratefull…. I even needed help in the first few weeks to put everything in my car. Imagine that!

So I can announce that I have already easily exceeded 125 000 signatures!! I still have several boxes of mail to open and signatures continue to arrive at a regular pace! I thank you very much and more than ever, I encourage you to continue. These signatures represent a considerable political weight and it is by uniting that we can demonstrate to the Government the importance of rapidly making changes to this obsolete law.

Every day I read your stories and your testimonials. We are thousands of people who have been in this situation. It touches me immensely and it is really time for that to change.

So keep up the good work, talk about the petition and share it to everyone you know! It’s time for the Relays for life, big summer gatherings, golf tournaments, etc. Take the opportunity to bring the petition and denounce the situation!

Thank you for your involvement and I’ll be back with more news soon! Marie-Hélène

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