New government.. an era of change ?

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Good day to all !

Here we are:  new government is in and has taken.  Like many of you, I look forward to seeing how this one will address this most important of causes.  I’ve left the elected some time to get settled in, but now time to start up the debate again and more importantly to finish it!

We start 2016 by dragging this ball and chain from 1971: an unchanged and inadequate sickness benefits law, now more than ever in the current context. It’s revolting to see that ill people still have to deal with these impossible financial difficulties.  We know that these constraints will be greatly reduced once the law is changed to reflect today’s reality.

Again, I remind you that the key to all this is to amass more and more signatures…..  It’s the only way to apply a mediatised and effective pressure to the elected.  I ask you to continue to help me by raising awareness to what I’m doing and by talking to as many people as possible.

Together we have the power to change things!


Thank you to all




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