Lets roll up our sleeves and prepare the post C-291 !

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Hello all,

It is with disappointment that I learned this Wednesday, February 15, 2012, that the private Bill of member Denis Coderre was rejected at its second reading in Parliament. Thus, at the time of the vote, all elected Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois voted in favor of the bill, while all members of the Conservative party remained seated and impassive

I remind you that Bill C-291 mission was to increase the duration of long term sickness benefitsfrom 15 to 50 weeks and also eliminate the mandatory two week waiting period before receiving benefits

Let me reassure you right away, losing a battle is not losing the war. All these signatures were notcollected for nothing and obviously, we will have to continue to amass even more. There arecurrently other bills in Ottawa, from other parties, seeking essentially the same changes on thisarchaic law

Since yesterday, I have been asked several times if I took it personal. In fact, without respondingcompletely no, I must qualify that answer. I think rather that 70% of Canadians should take thispersonnally, which includes me of course, and urgently! I obviously do not want anyone to get sick, but considering the current statistics regarding serious diseases … 70% of citizens withoutinsurance other than EI … I find it rather disturbing.

The government mentions in different ways that the economic climate does not allow such expenses…. which, incidentally, are far from high. My answer to all those who say they areconcerned about the economy … But what will cost more in the end? Allowing your citizens to fighta serious illness successfully without losing everything, or letting these people drift and end up on welfare having lost everything, health and dignity included. Do you think people in the second category will be part of those who will encourage the famous economy? Yet those in the first category will resume their employment, pay back taxes, taxes, etc.. Ultimately, everyone winswith the 1st option …

I can’t understand that 157 deputies, elected by our citizens, remain cold in such a situation, and furthermore, don’t even show opening for the moment at least, to discussing it. I find this approachrather disturbing and fraught with meaning. Do you think it is possible among the 157 elected, noneof them has been the aware of a person living such a situation? To me, this is impossible. So whathappens really in this Government?

I believe that despite these difficult times, it is important not to give up and keep moving. Ask yourself what you would do with $ 5,200 (13 X $ 400- when eligible to the maximum amount, including the waiting period, and on which taxes would be deducted) to assume all your financial responsibilities for approximately one year all the while fighting a serious illness, recovering from adifficult surgery and / or stressful treatment. I can personnaly confirm that fighting for your life and health is quite enough on it’s own

I also remind you that we are the only G-8 (except the U.S.) to offer less than a year of benefits to our citizens. All other countries offer a period of one to three years in each case. Why are not wechanging this? Personally, I am ashamed of this situation, both personally and internationally.

Thank you for continuing to mobilize with me and continue more than ever to circulate this petition. Thank you for gather new signatures and raising awareness of people who, unfortunately, are still unaware of this reality until it hits them.



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