Partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society 

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Hello all,

There are some new of development these days! It is very rewarding to notice that the network of support is getting bigger …. 

 Indeed, a few weeks ago, I received a call from the Canadian Cancer Society. They wanted to meet with me and showed interest in my approach. I was really moved that a such big organization would be interested in the fight which I lead at present. 

It was a beautiful meeting, marked with solidarity, where I was proposed a partnership with the Society.  They offered to help me circulating my petition and come to promote it in a few Relay for Life. Obviously, I accepted this offer quickly. My new signatures forms will display the society logo from now. You will find them on the site during the week. Do not be ashamed of reprinting copies and circulating the information!  

So, I had the opportunity to participate in two Relays for Life at the end of last week. On Friday, I was in the Relay of Chambly. It was my first experience and I found it very moving. To see all this beautiful solidarity affected me excessively.  Wearing the survivors’ shirt was for me enormous pride. You were many to come to meet me and to shower me with encouragements. That evening, I amassed several hundred signatures. 

 The next day, I went to the Relay of Trois-Rivières. Once again, it was a magnificent experience, the weather being most clement. That evening again, there were many your encouragements, your tokens of affection and your signatures. I notice with enjoyment that the mediatization of the project has done it’s  work. A lot of people already knew my story and my steps surrounding the petition. There was a line to come to sign! 

 To all those honored me by encouraging me, to come to shake my hand, to greet me, to come to sign, I say to you: THANK YOU!  

It is thanks to you to all that the petition progresses as well! 

 My participation in two other Relay is already planned. I will get back to you this week with more information. It will please me to meet you there. 


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