Assistance from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)

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Hello all,

I’m back after a few days of rest! I would just take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation, which remains constant despite the summer season. Indeed, I just returned from the post office and I come home with a very large pile of mail! Thank you very much!

Let me tell you about the beginning of this collaboration with the postal workers union, which has been initiated through your many shipments. As you know, I rented a postal box when I started the petition. Of course, I wanted to protect my privacy, but I also wished to spare my mailman! During the first few weeks, I showed up at the post office regularly, but I was totally unknown and I left quietly with my mail.

Then came a time when I had to go there more frequently….. and also a time when I had too much mail for what my little postal box could contain despite my repeated visits… The time for explanations had rung! After being interested in my story, employees of the Montreal North Branch decided to get involved and help me. So they started to collect signatures on their side and took the initiative to explain my case to their union representative.

One thing lead to another, I was invited to the CUPW annual general assembly to share my experience and explain my motivation toward this petition. The members of the Assembly were moved by my testimony and decided to also get involved in the circulation of the petition. Since that time, I’ve been getting several hundred signatures from the post office every week. There will also be new developments at the end of the summer, the movement will grow and I will keep you informed, I promise!

To each of the members of CUPW, I send you a very special thank you! And, again, thank you also to each and every one of you, your help is precious and essential!


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