Year 2017, finally hope ?

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Hello all,

I hope you have had wonderful holidays with the people who are dear to you.  I wish you a superb 2017!  That health, happiness, laughter, success and harmony are on your way and that the best happens to you!

I continue to work very hard on the petition and discussions are underway with different elected officials.  It is a very long fight and it must be remembered that perseverance will eventually triumph.   I encourage you to continue to talk about the petition, the blatant injustice of our social system that has been going on for too long, and to amass new signatures again and again.  They allow me to continue to put pressure on the current government by demonstrating our collective dissatisfaction.


Once again, I thank you for your support, for your help, for your presence and for your many encouragement!


Thank you,


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